Social Casino Games

Social Casino Games are a fun, online alternative to gambling activities.  

Social Casino games are designed to simulate Casino Games, and provide an authentic in-Casino gameplay experience, including the aspect of social interactions with other players.

These games are entertaining and provide an element of thrill, enabling you to earn in-game credits or points, without a monetary outcome.

While playing these games, sometimes players may spend more money or time playing than they intended or lose track of how much time they are spending playing the game or how much money they are spending on purchasing in-game credits and upgrades. If these happen, it could be a sign of potential harm.

Remember, it is always a good idea to decide how much time and money you want to spend playing games. Set a timer or reminder, limit your deposits, and have fun playing, then take a break until next time.

Although Social Casino Games are only a simulation, gambling content or simulated gambling content is not suitable for young people. With this in mind, Social Casino Games should only be played by those of legal age to gamble and are not suitable or appropriate for children or teens.

The Time Aspect

Social Casino Games, like any game or form of entertainment, involves the player spending time on actually playing the game. If using a smartphone or tablet, you can always check the screen time spent on each app, including games. This could be useful in understanding how much time is spent playing and how to go about setting reasonable time limits. It is important to remember that excessive time spent on gameplay may result in some adverse outcomes. 

Excessive time spent on gameplay could lead to less time spent with friends and family, on completing important tasks or interrupt your sleep. Sometimes, time may simply fly by, while one is playing, and the player may not even realise the amount of time they’ve spent playing.

If this happens occasionally, it may not have a significant negative impact, however, if it begins to occur more frequently and becomes potential habitual, it could lead to undesirable outcomes. If you find yourself lying to others about how much time you have spent playing, this may indicate a serious problem.

It is important to try and keep track of how long you have been playing, and try to set a reasonable limit, to help prevent this from becoming a problem. Set yourself a timer on your device or ask someone trusted to remind you when you have been playing for a set time.

This advice does not only apply to Social Casino Games, but to any form of Online Gaming. In the recent past, studies have revealed that certain popular online social games have led to a rise in adverse health consequences, including rise in stress and physiological health problems, poor sleep, increase irritability and more.

The Money Aspect

Some games may involve in-game purchases in order to play or improve gameplay experiences. 

Sometimes it can become difficult to control spending within one’s limits. 

These limits may differ from person-to-person, but it is important to remember that everyone has a certain limit on how much they can afford to spend, without it causing financial problems.

It is a good idea to try and set a limit for yourself, in an effort to try and control how much you spend on games. It is also important to ensure that your spend on games does not take away from other important expenditures. Be mindful of spending small amounts, over time these can add up to significant amounts. Remember that spending money on in-game items often uses real money, especially, if you make payments for these. Payments are often linked to your accounts via credit cards associated with your accounts and depending on the game, payments may be subscription based or pay as you go.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Am I spending too much time or too much money playing these games?
  2. Do I have a friend or family member who might be spending too much time or money playing these games?
  3. Do I need to take a break from playing?
  4. Would I like to limit how much I play?

Some key indications if you could be playing too much:

Do any of these apply to you or a friend? 

  • You feel frustrated, worried, unhappy, or guilty about your play, or others have expressed these feelings about your play.
  • Your sleeping, eating, or hygiene habits have suffered due to your game play.
  • You feel compelled to play for prolonged periods of time.
  • You think about playing often when you are doing other activities.
  • You are engaging less in other recreational activities due to your game play.
  • You feel restless and irritable when you are unable to play or when interrupted during play.
  • You feel that you need to spend increasing amounts of time or money in order to achieve the level of excitement you want.
  • You feel that playing allows you to escape problems and elevate your mood.
  • You often return to play with the hopes of recovering lost credits by playing more.
  • You deny or hide from family and friends the amount that you play.
  • You are suffering or having difficulties in key life areas including relationships and work/study.
  • You do not have enough money for savings and unexpected expenses due to your expenditure on games.
  • You have lost a job, relationship, friendship, educational opportunity or career opportunity because of excessive gameplay.
  • You depend on others to provide you with money to help pay for other, important expenses, because of excessive gameplay.

If you find that you are spending more time and or money in a game than you should or would like to, it is a good idea to seek help. 

We encourage you to take our Free and Completely Anonymous Social Casino Gaming Use Quiz 

The quiz takes less than 5 minutes to complete and will provide you with a score and recommendation based on your responses. It is designed to help you assess yourself and identify if you may have any potential harmful outcomes from your Social Casino Gameplay.

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