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Playing Social Casino Games, Gambling and Video Games should be enjoyable and entertaining. 

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Whether it be online social casino games, online and offline video game play, or gambling, this should be enjoyable and entertaining. Players of all ages should be encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between time and money spent on these forms of entertainment.

Sometimes, it can become difficult for a variety of reasons to keep track of and control your gameplay. Both, time and money spent can have an impact on your personal situation and may have effects on your personal health, as well as affect those around you.

PlayAware encourages you to understand some of these consequences, in order to better equip yourself to prevent any unfavourable impact to yourself and those who care for you from excessive game play.

PlayAware is designed to give you information that may help yourself, family and friends create a healthy balance when playing online social casino games, gambling and video gaming. 

You will find information on playing within controllable limits, understanding harmful gameplay and gambling, tools to measure your gameplay, indicators that may suggest excessive game play, as well as resources you can make use of if you feel yourself or others require help.

Self Assessment Tools

PlayAware provides a suite of tools for users to self assess any potential issues

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Our Research

Dr. Sally Gainsbury, PhD, Doctor.ClinPsych, BPsych(Hons)
is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, where she is the Deputy Director of the Gambling Treatment & research Clinic and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychology.

She has amassed over 15 years of gambling research, with a focus on understanding the underlying psychological factors of gambling related harm – to help in the formation of responsible gambling and harm minimisation strategies. Dr. Gainsbury has published several research reports, peer reviewed journal articles, authored two books and has contributed to several studies in the realm of problem gambling and online gaming.

Dr. Gainsbury is considered a leading researcher in identifying and understanding problematic risk-taking behaviour, including problematic online gaming and is a trusted expert who has provided advise for policy makers and stakeholders in Australia and internationally.

PlayAware would like to thank Dr. Sally Gainsbury for her significant contribution in terms of knowledge, advice and time to help shape this harm minimisation resource.

Dr. Gainsbury’s involvement was limited to the development and review of content pertaining to harm minimisation and does not represent an endorsement of this site.

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