Getting Help

Help is here for when you need it. 

There are many ways of getting free and confidential support and help.

Depending on the method you are most comfortable with, you can find support that is nearest to you and easily accessible.

Remember, seeking information, support and help early is good. Where possible, seek help before any problem or signs of a problem escalate.

If you would like to try any of our anonymous and free self assessment tools, select from the options below.

Self Help

If you would like to seek support, in the form of independent, anonymous, free face-to-face or telephone conversation visit the Getting Help Database. This resource will help you find support hat is nearest to you.

Family and Friends

If you believe you know someone who may be experiencing distress as a result from excessive online gameplay or gambling, please refer to our Support for Friends and Family section for more information. If you would like to meet or speak with a support professional, or receive counselling, please visit the Getting Help Database to find a resource closest to you.

Self Assessment Tools

PlayAware provides a suite of tools for users to self assess any potential issues

Life Balance

Is your gameplay unbalancing your life?

Free Assistance

PlayAware assistance is completely free


Professional and anonymous help and support

Avoid issues

Avoid any personal or financial issues